Engineering and Project Management

CYFOR has provided project management, multi-disciplined engineering, and consulting services for numerous NASA projects.

Engineering Services

CYFOR Technologies provides multi-disciplined engineering services and project management. We provide support for:
  • Innovation and Solution Development
  • Design Services
  • RF and Power Systems
  • Testing
  • Engineering Design and Modeling

    Spacecraft Component Modeling and Design
  • Printed Wiring Board (PWD) and Harness Design and Documentation
  • Technical Task Management

    • Design Engineering and Project Management
      • 10 NASA Missions (SMAP, CLARREO, ICESat-2, MAVEN, LADEE, MMS, LRO, NPP, JUNO, and JWST)
    • Spacecraft Component Modeling, Development, and Integration
    • Testing, Verification, and Assembly of Electronic Components
    • Documentation Preparation
    • Design Reviews
    • Incorporation of Stakeholder Inputs

    Computer Graphics Experience

    • Graphics Software Applications
      • Pads PCB (Mentor), OrCAD, and AutoCAD
    • Graphics Library
      • Established Library of Graphics (PCB Footprints)
    • Documentation
      • Rack and Panel Design and Documentation

    Modeling Application

    Testing, Verification, and Assembly
  • Electronic Boards and Assemblies (JUNO, MAVEN)
    • Troubleshooting Analog and Digital Electronic Circuits
    • Evaluation and Testing of Scientific Equipment and Systems
    • Measuring Performance Limits and Capabilities
    • Basic Assembly of ETU Board and Harnesses
  • Integration and Test

  • Integrate Modeling Into Spacecraft Component Assembly and Test
  • Parts Analysis and Environmental Testing
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