What We Do

Providing Consulting and Technical Services for the Aerospace and DOD Community

Engineering and Project Management

  • Design Engineering and Project Management
  • Spacecraft Component Modeling, Development, and Integration
  • Documentation Preparation
Engineering Project Management team with Cyfor Technoligies
IT Cyber Ops Security with Cyfor Technologies

Cyber/IT Security

  • Broad Range of Expertise in Support of Cyber Ops
  • Operational and Strategic Planning, Development, and Training
  • Risk Mitigation, Integrity of Data, and Mission Assurance
  • Strategy Formulation

Intelligence Support for Cyber Operations

  • Threat Capabilities
  • Attack Vectors
  • Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP)
  • Correlation of Sensor Data
  • Indications and Warning
Cyber Operations Intelligence Support with Cyfor Technologies
Engineering & Graphics Support with Cyfor Technologies

Graphic Support for Engineering Projects

  • Engineering Visualization
  • Proof of Concept Animation
  • Operational Scenario Demonstration

Multimedia, Animation, and 3D Modeling

  • Visualization and Animation
  • Component Modeling
  • Virtual Reality
Astronaut in Space | Cyfor Technologies
Mobile Application Development Services by Cyfor Technologies

Mobile Application Development

  • Application Development
  • Educational Institution Support
  • Public Outreach
  • Illustration of NASA Missions
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