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One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services (OASIS)

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Contract No.: 47QRAD20D8335
DUN #: 080273321 Cage Code: 7MY85

Unique Entity ID: DFRCVHW4NL91

For more information on this contract vehicle, please visit the following site: OASIS.
The OASIS Brochure provides an overview of the contract’s features and benefits.

OASIS Points of Contact

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Sergio Muniz
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Alicia Priest
(210) 354-7522

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Alicia Priest
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• Multiple-award, IDIQ contracts (MACs) available for governmentwide use
• Multidisciplinary governmentwide contract for professional/integrated services
• Single solution for complex requirements
• Multiple technical areas/mission spaces
• Maximum flexibility for ancillary support
- Labor and materials
- Other Direct Costs (ODCs)
• Supports commercial and non-commercial acquisition
• Supports all contract types, including FFP, T&M, cost, hybrids, etc.
• Prohibits protests on orders valued at less than $10 million
• No maximum order or ceiling limitations
• Direct access to socioeconomic concerns to maximize small-business participation
• Designed for long periods of use
- Task orders can be awarded through 2024
- Task order’s Period of Performance is through 2029
• Ordering CO determines:
- Terms and conditions and/or provisions and clauses
- Evaluation criteria
- Method of awards
• GSA-managed program and master-contract administration
• Avoids the cost and time to award and administer agency IDIQ contracts
• Reduces contract duplication and administrative resource allocation
• Flexible contract vehicle providing a single solution for complex professional services in multiple technical areas/mission spaces with maximum flexibility for ancillary labor, materials, and ODCs
• Highest-rated community of contractors who have undergone rigorous pool qualification to ensure competency including past experience, past performance, and certifications
• Proven experience – with every contractor having experience supporting federal customers
• Master-level on-ramp procedures ensure greater competition and larger access to socioeconomic concerns, as well as expand opportunities to secure OMB Tier 3, BIC task orders
• Streamlined acquisition procedures:
- FAR Subpart 16.505 streamlined acquisition procedures keep it simple
- Offers the ordering contracting offers broad discretion in developing task-order placement procedures
- No synopsizing or posting solicitations on
- No requirement for FAR Subpart 15.3 source selection